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The Istrian peninsula, situated in the westernmost part of Croatia, has always been a very special area. The same can be said for the tourist region of Istria which, although it comprises only a single county, the County of Istria, it is without question the primary tourist region of Croatia. Its quite unique qualities are the result of its location – sitting where the Mediterranean Sea insinuates itself deepest into the European mainland, and being isolated from the bulk of Croatia by the Učka massif.

The dreamlike nature, almost mythical landscapes and gorgeous mediaeval towns of central Istria will awake within you the primeval and deep, true pleasure! Central Istria is one of the rare Mediterranean regions adorned with the quality of unspoiled natural landscapes and rich heritage. Numerous coves and hillocks connect and divide many magic-like settlements, creating almost unreal scenery. Any of the main roads from the eastern, western or southern Istrian coast will take you to Pazin. It is the administrative headquarters of the Istrian County, placed at the very center of the Istrian peninsula. The Pazin fortification Kaštel is elevated above the Pazinčica River, a spectacular pit, a natural phenomenon placed under special protection. From this fortification, Pazin County – feud of the Habsburgs – used to be governed. This is, no doubt, the most beautiful example of the evolution of karst hydrography. French writer Jules Verne has even placed part of the action of his novel “Mathias Sandorf” here. Veli Ježenj is situated near city of Pazin and it is approximately the same distance from all coastal side of the Istrian peninsula. This village is known as the home of appreciated Croatian bishop Juraj Dobrila. In 2005 – in a memory of his work and good works– in his native house was opened a museum.

Diligent and hardworking people make this area special for their great efforts of producing vegetables, fruits, cereals and vines in a poor soil. For the same reason Istria may commend of good wine and food. The best known white wine is Istrian Malvasia while the best known red wine is Istrian Teran; as a contribution we recommend the original Istrian specialty: smoked ham or homemade pasta such as ravioli (filled pasta), gnocchi and / or makaruni (spindle – shaped pasta) prepared with meat of Istrian boskarin (Istrian cattle), truffles, mushrooms, asparagus. ..

By the sea you may enjoy high quality fish, shellfish and seafood. We hope that some dishes you will remebmer for all life! Enjoy!
Enjoy your meal!